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HP-Fanfiction - Wanted: An Italian Lady

Wanted: An Italian Lady

Author: countessmedusa  (alias Medusa, SirJames, sirprongs)

Rating/Warnings: G, mild language (if the word ‘butt’ constitutes as mild language)

Genre: Gen, fluffy humour, with a tad of seriousness

Characters: Sirius, Lily

Era: First War Against Voldemort

Word Count: ~ 900 words

Summary: Originally to a challenge, but there was a maximum of 600 words… So now it’s just a tiny story. James is on a secret mission for the Order – so Lily is bored out of her mind, scared and generally irritated and irritating; Sirius on the other hand is too proud for his own good. This was betaed by my Mum, the greatest Mum in the world! Critique is always welcome.




The fluff starts here...Collapse )

May. 13th, 2010

Alright. This is my journal. Before this journal existed, I was SirProngs. But then the wrong guy won the Men's Competition at the Olympics in Figure Skating, and well, you know how it goes. Or you may not know... Hmm. In my land, which is inhabited only by me and a number of very charismatic stuffed animals, there are sometimes points of no return, where I get so mad, that I just have the feeling that I need to rid myself of everything that is connected to the thing that made me mad in the first place. Happened to politics a few years ago (I am back into that) and then it happened to Figure Skating this February. I simply deleted everything about Figure Skating from my life, that kind of included all my Internet stuff. Among those things was lots of perfectly fine skating fanart, especially Zebras. I regret it now, do I need to mention that? Well, I do not really regret it completely, because I feel that this cleansing process put some much needed space between me and Figure Skating.

It is after all just a sport, right? But see, that's the point. It is not just a sport, and why did I have to become a fan of a sport that puts huge emphasis and emotions and artistry? On the one hand I love the artistic part, on the other hand it drives me nuts and I wish I could simply return to Chess being my favourite sport. I do love Chess. And the judging system in skating is so screwed up! It is not logical and it's math is seriously flawed. I hate it if the numbers don't add up. But enough of that.

So, this is me being back. I cut down a lot though, I barely have a look at the main skating forums any more; I keep myself informed by reading auntjoyceicecreamstand.blogspot.com/ and thexpuzzler and a Figure Skating Board founded by some other people who hated the outcome of the Olympics; euroskate.newfreeforum.com (I did the banner!).

Any interests apart from Figure Skating. Well, a few. Chess. Politics. Already mentioned those two. Actually, Politics is essentially the same as Figure Skating, just with much less attractive people in it. Also literature, languages, music, traveling, geology, mathematics, chemistry, art, architecture, football, hiking, palaeontology, cooking & baking. This list is not complete. 

This post is getting far too long. My last journal consisted of my posting my artwork, nothing more actually. So one last thing:
This piece of music has been haunting me all day long. It's very close to being cheesy, but so beautiful, so touching, so emotional. Maybe I am getting cheesy in my advanced years.



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